LNG for the Philippines

Importing LNG
for power and fuel

Welcome to the world of LNG for the Philippines.

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Our aim is to bring LNG to the Philippines enabling companies and others to change over from diesel to cleaner, more affordable gas as a fuel for power generation, manufacturing and as a transportation fuel.

By doing so we'll play our part in shifting the energy mix an important step closer to the essential goal of long term sustainability

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For a cleaner future and blue skies

Captain Roy T. Watson
President and CEO

What Is LNG?

LNG stands for "Liquefied Natural Gas" and is natural gas converted into liquid form for the ease and safety of transport.

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LNG's Credentials

LNG is an environmentally friendly growth market There are significant environmental benefits of using LNG as a fuel compared to coal or diesel.

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Why switch to LNG

LNG is the first step to clean fuels

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Safe, sustainable and community minded

Safety First

At Samat safety comes first. Safety procedures are paramount for each link in the chain - from receipt of LNG at our Wharf to the safe delivery, storage and regasification of the LNG for our Customers

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LNG fits perfectly into an energy mix evolving towards a sustainable balance. Gas is abundant and cleaner than either coal or oil and set to play an important part in the journey to create an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

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At Samat LNG we engender a sense of belonging. We will play our part in the community through local community activities.

Customers LNG facilities

Customers LNG facilities

Samat will send the LNG from its Mariveles LNG Terminal to customers by road where the LNG will be stored and regasified for use.

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Supplying LNG for Power Generation - Industrial users

Supplying LNG for Power Generation - Industrial users

It makes sense to take advantage of the introduction of LNG into the country to power your industrial business with cleaner and cheaper fuel and lower operating costs.

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Supplying LNG for Transport fuel  - bus and truck fleets

Supplying LNG for Transport fuel - bus and truck fleets

The main bus and truck manufacturers now offer LNG powered fleet solutions providing a much quieter and cheaper fuel with immediate and lasting benefits of a cleaner environment for the transport system

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Supplying LNG to more remote islands

Supplying LNG to more remote islands

Samat will supply LNG beyond Luzon to the different islands across the Philippines archepelago as fuel for power generation and transportation. Let us know your needs and we can readily assess the feasibility and timing. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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LNG storage terminal operations

LNG storage terminal operations

Samat' will build and operate its main LNG storage terminal hub in AFAB, Mariveles, in Luzon, Philippines conveniently situated north of Manila.

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In 2020 Samat LNG Corporation was established in the Philippines to develop, own and operate LNG import terminals together with the receiving, storage, distribution and wholesale marketing of LNG into the Philippines primarily to industrial and commercial customers for power supply and transportation fuel.  

Samat's Mariveles LNG Terminal will be the first small scale LNG Terminal in the Philippines
and is designed to handle approximately 200,000- 400,000 tonnes of LNG annually.

During the second quarter of 2022, the Company is seeking the necessary regulatory approvals and investment incentives which will enable it to proceed with the development and construction of the Mariveles LNG Terminal together with the marine jetty, trucking operations and satellite installations and all related activities to bring LNG securely and safely to all its customers for the long term.

On January 2023, Samat LNG has received the Notice to Proceed (NTP) from the Philippine Department of Energy. This permit allows us to move forward with our Small Scale LNG Project in Bataan.

Captain Roy T. Watson

President and CEO

The Founder of the Company and based in Manila

Chia Swee Lian

Chairperson and Director

Director of GoLNG Asia Pte Ltd and based in Singapore

Roger Bartlett


Director of Starbright Asia International Limited

Atty. Wilfred (Red) Babano

Company Secretary

Roy Acas

Project Engineer

With international oil and gas engineering experience now based in Manila

Theresa Go

Executive Assistant

Administrative experience with start-ups and major companies based in Manila


It is critical for Samat to provide its customers with security of supply of LNG.


LNG is stored at -160deg C requires specialist ships, storage tanks, piping and trucks together with sophisticated regasification equipment.

The Freeport Area of Bataan and local community

Location is key to our success

  • 20th Floor Regus Office, Zuellig Building Paseo De Roxas cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City, 1125, Philippines